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Piotr Kwaśniak

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R.Sitek, P.Kwaśniak, M.Sopicka-Lizer, J.Borysiuk, J.Kamiński, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Experimental and ab-initio study of the Zr- and Cr-enriched aluminide layer produced on an IN 713C Inconel substrate by CVD; investigations of the layer morphology, structural stability, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance

Intermetallics Vol. 74 (2016) 15-24

P.Kwaśniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Clustering of O–X, X = (Ag, Al, Ga, Sn, Sc, Zn, Zr) point defects in hexagonal Ti: Formation mechanism and ductility variations

Materials Chemistry and Physics 154 (2015) 137–143

J.Pura, P.Kwaśniak, P.Wieciński, H.Garbacz, J.Zdunek, Z.Laskowski, M.Gierej

Investigation of the degradation mechanism of platinum-rhodium catalytic wires during oxidation of ammonia process

Solid State Phenomena Vol. 227 (2015) 229-232

P.Kwaśniak, J.Pura, M.Zwolińska, P.Wieciński, L.Olszewski, J.Marczak, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Laser and chemical surface modifications of Titanium grade 2 for medical application

Applied Surface Science, DOI:10.1016/j.apsusc.2014.11.178

P.Kwaśniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Influence of oxygen content on the mechanical properties of hexagonal Ti—First principles calculations

Materials Science and Engineering: A 590 (2014) 74-79

P.Kwaśniak, P.Śpiewak, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Plasticity of hexagonal systems: Split slip modes and inverse Peierls relation in α-Ti

Physical Review B 89 (2014) 144105

P.Kwasniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Influence of C, H, N, and O interstitial atoms on deformation mechanism in titanium—First principles calculations of generalized stacking fault energy

Materials Letters 94 (2013) 92

J.Pura, P.Kwaśniak, D.Jakubowska, J.Jaroszewicz, J.Zdunek, H.Garbacz, J.Mizera, M.Gierej, Z.Laskowski

Investigation of degradation mechanism of palladium–nickel wires during oxidation of ammonia

Catalysis Today vol. 208 (2013), 48-55

P.Gutowski, K.Ćwieka, K.Adamczyk, P.Kwaśniak, Z.Stopa, D.Samolczyk-Wanyura

Wytrzymałość minipłytek tytanowych wykorzystywanych w leczeniu złamań kąta żuchwy

Czasopismo Stomatologiczne, Tom 63, Nr 12, s. 749-755, grudzień 2010

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