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Prof. Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski

Prof. Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski

Building IM room 303, phone: +48 (22) 234 8529

Scientific interest:
Quantification of the materials microstructures
Materials modeling and design
Prediction of in-service degradation of materials
Technology transfer


T.Bolek, R.Sitek, J.Sienkiewicz, R.Dobosz, J.Mizera, A.Kobayashi, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Simulation of the influence of the interface roughness on the residual stresses induced in (ZrO2+Y2O3)+NiAl-type composite coatings deposited on Inconel 713C

Vacuum 136 (2017) 221-228

K.Czelej, K.Cwieka, T.Wejrzanowski, P.Spiewak, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Decomposition of activated CO2 species on Ni(110): Role of surface diffusion in the reaction mechanism

Catalysis Communications, DOI:10.1016/j.catcom.2015.10.034

R.Sitek, P.Kwa┼Ťniak, M.Sopicka-Lizer, J.Borysiuk, J.Kami┼äski, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Experimental and ab-initio study of the Zr- and Cr-enriched aluminide layer produced on an IN 713C Inconel substrate by CVD; investigations of the layer morphology, structural stability, mechanical properties, and corrosion resistance

Intermetallics Vol. 74 (2016) 15-24

M.J.Kruszewski, R.Zyba┼éa, ┼ü.Ciupi┼äski, M.Chmielewski, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, A.Michalski, M.Rajska, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski,

Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Bulk Cobalt Antimonide (CoSb3) Skutterudites Obtained by Pulse Plasma Sintering

Journal of Electronic Materials Volume 45, Issue 3(2016) pp 1369-1376

P.Wawulska-Marek, R.Sitek, T.Bolek, J.Zdunek, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzydlowski

A study on technological properties of investment casting waxes

Advances in Applied Plasma Science, Vol.10 (2015) 37-40

P.Kwa┼Ťniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Clustering of O–X, X = (Ag, Al, Ga, Sn, Sc, Zn, Zr) point defects in hexagonal Ti: Formation mechanism and ductility variations

Materials Chemistry and Physics 154 (2015) 137–143

K.Matuszewski, R.Rettig, H.Matysiak, Z.Peng, I.Povstugar, P.Choi, J.Müller, D.Raabe, E.Spiecker, K.J.Kurzydłowski, R.F.Singer

Effect of ruthenium on the precipitation of topologically close packed phases in Ni-based superalloys of 3rd and 4th generation

Acta Materialia 95 (2015), 274-283

R.Sitek, J.Kaminski, M.Spychalski, H.Garbacz, W.Pachla, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Hydrostatic Extrusion and Nano-Hardness of Nanocrystalline Grade 2 Titanium

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Volume 15, Number 7, July 2015, pp. 4992-4998(7)

R.Sitek, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Influence of thermal barrier coatings on the oxidation resistance of titanium alloys

Plasma Application and Hybrid Functionally Materials, Vol. 24 (2015) 37-38

P.Kwa┼Ťniak, J.Pura, M.Zwoli┼äska, P.Wieci┼äski, L.Olszewski, J.Marczak, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Laser and chemical surface modifications of Titanium grade 2 for medical application

Applied Surface Science, DOI:10.1016/j.apsusc.2014.11.178

M.Zagórska, R.Sitek, J.Kamiński, H.Matysiak, K.J.Kurzydłowski


Mechanik 2/2015

K.Matuszewski, A.Müller, N.Ritter, R.Rettig, K.J.Kurzydłowski, R.F.Singer

On the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of TCP Phase Precipitation in Re- and Ru- Containing Ni-base Superalloys

Advanced Engineering Materials 17 (2015), 1127-1133

T.Bolek, R.Sitek, R.Dobosz, P.Wawulska-Marek, J.Zdunek, R.Cygan, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Simulation of thermal stress distribution in ceramic shell upon heat treatment process

Advances in Applied Plasma Science, Vol.10 (2015) 21-24

J.Skibi┼äski, K.─ćwieka, T.Kowalkowski, B.Wysocki, T.Wejrzanowski, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

The influence of pore size variation on the pressure drop in open-cell foams

Materials and Design, 87 (2015), p. 650–655

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Thermal stability and corrosion resistance of Cr/CrN multilayer coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy

Solid State Phenomena, 237 (2015) 47-53

M.Zagórska, R.Sitek, J.Kamiński, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Warstwy aluminidkowe modyfikowane Hf wytworzone na podłożu z nadstopu niklu Inconel 740H

Inżynieria Materiałowa 5 (207) (2015) 247-250

M.Zagórska, R.Sitek, K.Dobkowski, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Wpływ procesu aluminiowania na mikrostrukturę nadstopu niklu Inconel 713C

Inżynieria Materiałowa 3 (205) (2015) 120-123

M.Zwolińska, K.Załęgowski, A.Roguska, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Anodic polarization of nanocrystalline titanium

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 18, Issue 11 (2014) 3091-3097

T.Wejrzanowski, M.Lewandowska, K.Sikorski, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Effect of grain size on the melting point of confined thin aluminium layers

Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 164302, (2014)

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski,

Erosion resistance of the nanostructured Cr/CrN multilayer coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy

Vacuum, 107 (2014) 277-283

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski,

Failure and deformation mechanisms during indentation in nanostructured Cr/CrN mulitilayer coatings

Surface and Coatings Technology, 240 (2014) 23-31

J.Skibi┼äski, J.R─Öbi┼Ť, T.Wejrzanowski, K.Ro┼╝niatowski, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Imaging resolution of AFM with probes modified with FIB.

Micron. 2014 Nov;66:23-30. doi: 10.1016/j.micron.2014.05.001. Epub 2014 May 9.

K.Matuszewski, H.Matysiak, J.Jaroszewicz, W.DeNolf, K.Kubiak, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Influence of Bridgman process conditions on microstructure and porosity of single crystal Ni-base superalloy CMSX-4

International Journal of Cast Metal Research 2014, Vol. 27, No.6, pp.329-335

A.Dobkowska, B.Adamczyk–Cie┼Ťlak, J.Zdunek, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Influence of casting method and heat treatment for corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy AZ91D

Advanced Materials Research, vol. 983 (2014) pp. 110-115

R.Sitek, D.Kukla, A.Kobayashi, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Influence of high-temperature aluminizing on the fatigue and corrosion resistance of nickel alloy Inconel 740

Frontier of Applied Plasma Technology Vol. 7 No. 1 (2014) 21-25

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