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Prof. Małgorzata  Lewandowska

Prof. Małgorzata Lewandowska

Building IM room 208, phone: +48 (22) 234 8441

Scientific interest:
- Metallic nanomaterials and techniques for their production;
- Biomaterials - composites for permanent fillings, materials for tissue engineering;

Research Groups:


A.T.Krawczynska, J.Zdunek, R.Sitek, M.Lewandowska

Formation of the Nitrided Layers on an Austenitic of the Nitrided Layers on an Austenitic Stainless Steel with Different Grain Structures

Advanced Engineering Materials (2018) 1-8

E.Ciecierska, M.Jurczyk-Kowalska, P.Bazarnik, M.Gloc, M.Kulesza, M.Kowalski, S.Krauze, M.Lewandowska

Flammability, mechanical properties and structure of rigid polyurethane foams with different types of carbon reinforcing materials

Composite Structures, 140, 67-76

T.Wejrzanowski, M.Lewandowska, K.Sikorski, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Effect of grain size on the melting point of confined thin aluminium layers

Journal of Applied Physics, 116, 164302, (2014)

R.Dobosz, M.Muzyk, Z.Pakieła, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Simulations of the elastic properties of nanomaterials using multiscale modelling methods

Mechanics of Materials 67 (2013) 74-78

A.Roguska, M.Pisarek, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Charakterystyka warstw kompozytowych Ca-P/Ag/TiO2 na Ti do zastosowań biomedycznych

Inżynieria Materiałowa 3 (2012) 193-196

K.Wawer, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Improvement of mechanical properties of a nanoaluminium alloy by precipitate strengthening

Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, vol. 57 (2012) p. 876-881

K.Wawer, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Precipitate Strengthening of Nanostructured Aluminium Alloy

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Volume 12, 11 (2012) pp. 8783-8786

A.Roguska, M.Pisarek, M.Andrzejczuk, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski, M.Janik-Czachor

Surface characterization of Ca-P/Ag/TiO2 nanotube composite layers on Ti intended for biomedical applications

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research A 100 (2012) 1954-1962

A.Roguska, M.Pisarek, M.Andrzejczuk, M.Dolata, M.Lewandowska, M.Janik-Czachor

Characterization of a calcium phosphate - TiO2 nanotube composite layer for biomedical applications

Materials Science and Engineering C 31 (2011) 906–914

A.Roguska, S.Hiromoto, A.Yamamoto, M.J.Wo┼║niak, M.Pisarek, M.Lewandowska

Collagen immobilization on 316L stainless steel surface with cathodic deposition of calcium phosphate

Applied Surface Science, 257 (2011) 5037-5045

T.Płociński, M.Rasiński, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Cs-corrected scanning transmission electron microscope investigations of an ODS ferritic steel for fusion applications

PHYSICA SCRIPTA T145 (2011) 014075

M.Pisarek, A.Roguska, M.Andrzejczuk, L.Marcon, S.Szunerits, M.Lewandowska, M.Janik-Czachor

Effect of two-step functionalization of Ti by chemical processes on protein adsorption

Applied Surface Science, 257 (2011) 8196-8204

M.Rasi┼äski, E.Fortuna-Zale┼Ťna, M.Mayer, R.Neu, T.P┼éoci┼äski, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski, ASDEXUpgradeTeam

High resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy (HR STEM) analysis of re-deposited layer on ASDEX Upgrade tile

Fusion Engineering and Design 86 (2011) 1753–1756

K.Wawer, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Improvement of mechanical properties of 7475 aluminium alloy by the combination of SPD processing and annealing

Materials Science Forum Vol. 690 (2011), pp 311-314

E.Ura-Bińczyk, H.Garbacz, M.Lewandowska

Corrosion resistance of nanocrystalline titanium for biomedical applications

Inżynieria Biomateriałów 96-98 (2010), 40-43

M.Lewandowska, A.Roguska

Nanomaterials: friends or foes?

Inżynieria Materiałowa 3 (2010) 773-776

K.Wawer, M.Lewandowska, A.Wieczorek, E.C.Aifantis, M.Zehetbauer, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Grain refinement in 7475 aluminium alloy via high-pressure torsion and hydrostatic extrusion

Kovove Mater. 47 (2009), pp. 325-332

A.Roguska, A.Kudelski, M.Pisarek, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski, M.Janik-Czachor

In situ spectroelectrochemical surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) investigations on composite Ag/TiO2-nanotubes/Ti substrates

Surface Science 603 (2009) 2820-2824

M.Roguska, M.Pisarek, A.Kudelski, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski, M.Janik-Czachor

Raman Investigations of Adsorbate-Substrate Interactions on Composite Ag (or Cu)/TiO2 Nanotubes/Ti Substrates

WDS\'09 Proceedings of Contributed Papers, Part III, 136–141, 2009

A.Roguska, A.Kudelski, M.Pisarek, M.Lewandowska, M.Dolata, M.Janik-Czachor

Raman investigations of TiO2 nanotube substrates covered with thin Ag or Cu deposits

Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 40 (2009) 1652-1656

D.Krupa, J.Baszkiewicz, J.Mizera, T.Borowski, A.Barcz, J.W.Sobczak, A.Biliński, M.Lewandowska-Szumieł, M.Wojewódzka

„Effect of the heating temperature on the corrosion resistance of alkali-treated titanium”,

Journal of Biomedical Materials Research, 88A (2008) 589-598

M.Lewandowska, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Hydrostatic Extrusion: a conventional technique to produce unconventional materials

Proceedings of. Advanced Processing for Novel Functional Materials (APNFM), Dresden, Germany, (2008), 265-269

K.Wawer, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Particle redistribution and grain refinement during processing by hydrostatic extrusion

Materials Science Forum Vols. 584-586 (2008) pp 541-546

M.Lewandowska, M.Włodkowska, R.Olkowski, A.Roguska, B.Polak, M.Pisarek, M.Lewandowska-Szumieł, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Chemical Surface Modifications of Titanium Implants

Macromolecular Symposia 253 (2007) 115-121

M.Lewandowska, A.Roguska, M.Pisarek, B.Polak, M.Janik-Czachor, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Morphology and chemical characterization of Ti surfaces modified for biomedical applications

Biomolecular Engineering, 1.24 (2007) 438–442

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