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Dr. Bogus┼éawa Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak

Building Bytnara 25 room H103, phone: +48 (22) 234 8154

Research Groups:


M.J.Kruszewski, R.Zyba┼éa, ┼ü.Ciupi┼äski, M.Chmielewski, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, A.Michalski, M.Rajska, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski,

Microstructure and Thermoelectric Properties of Bulk Cobalt Antimonide (CoSb3) Skutterudites Obtained by Pulse Plasma Sintering

Journal of Electronic Materials Volume 45, Issue 3(2016) pp 1369-1376

A.Dobkowska, B.Adamczyk–Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, J.Kubasek, D.Vojtech

Corrosion behaviour of magnesium lithium alloys in NaCl solution

Solid State Phenomena, vol. 227 (2015) pp.87-90

┼ü.Kaczmarek, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, M.Stegli┼äski, K.Kyzio┼é, D.Miedzi┼äska, ┼ü.Ko┼éodziejczyk, W.Szyma┼äski, M.Kozanecki

Influence of chemical composition of Ti/TiC/a-C:H coatings deposited on 7075 aluminum alloy on their selected mechanical properties

Surface & Coatings Technology 261 (2015) 304–310

J.Wo┼║niak, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, M.Kostecki, K.Broniszewski, W.Bochniak, A.Olszyna

Influence of cooling condition on properties of extruded aluminum alloy matrix composites

Composites Part B 77 (2015) 100-104

T.Borowski, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, A.Brojanowska, K.Kulikowski, T.Wierzcho┼ä

Surface Modification of Austenitic Steel by Various Glow-Discharge Nitriding Methods

MATERIALS SCIENCE (MED┼ŻIAGOTYRA), Vol. 21, No. 3 (2015) 376-381

B.Dybowski, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, K.Rodak, I.Bednarczyk, A.Kie┼ébus, J.Mizera

The microstructure of AlSi7Mg alloy in as cast condition

Solid State Phenomena 229 (2015) s.3-10

A.Dobkowska, B.Adamczyk–Cie┼Ťlak, J.Zdunek, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Influence of casting method and heat treatment for corrosion resistance of magnesium alloy AZ91D

Advanced Materials Research, vol. 983 (2014) pp. 110-115

T.Rzycho┼ä, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak

Microstructure and creep resistance of Mg-Al-Ca-Sr alloys

Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, vol.59 (2014), pp. 229-334.

P.Maj, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, W.Pachla, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Microstructure and mechanical properties of duplex stainless steel subjected to hydrostatic extrusion

Materials Characterization, vol. 93 (2014), pp. 110-118

H.Matysiak, M.Zag├│rska, A.Ba┼ékowiec, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, R.Cygan, J.Cwajna, J.Nawrocki, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Microstructure Degradation of the IN 713C Nickel-Based Superalloy After the Stress Rupture Tests

Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, vol. 23 (2014) pp-3305-3313

H.Radziszewska, ┼üukaszKaczmarek, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, G.I.Brodova, A.N.Petrova

Analiza morfologii wydzieleń rdzeniowych otrzymywanych w stopie 2024 po nowoczesnych obróbkach cieplno-plastycznych

Inżynieria Materiałowa, 6 (2013), pp. 806

┼ü.Dolega, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mızera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Corrosion resistance of model ultrafine-grained Al-Li alloys produced by severe plastic deformation

Journal of Materials Science, Vol. 47 (2012), pp. 3026–3033

T.Rzycho┼ä, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, A.Kie┼ébus, J.Mizera

The influence of hot-chamber die casting parameters on the microstructure and mechanical properties of magnesium aluminum alloys containing alkaline elements

Material Wissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik, vol. 43, No. 5 (2012), pp. 421-427.

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Zdunek, J.Mizera

Analiza zmian pierwotnych cz─ůstek drugiej fazy w przemys┼éowych stopach 6060 oraz 7475 pod wp┼éywem du┼╝ego odkszta┼écenia plastycznego

Rudy i Metale Nie┼╝elazne 6 (2011) 333-337

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Microstructures in the 6060 aluminium alloy after various severe plastic deformation treatments

Materials Characterization, vol. 62, (2011), pp. 327-332

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Microstructures in the 6060 aluminium alloy after various severe plastic deformation treatments


B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Microstructure and mechanical properties of model Al-Li alloys treated by SPD

Inżynieria Materiałowa, nr 3 (2010), s.535-539

H.Garbacz, P.Wieci┼äski, B.Adamczyk–Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Studies of aluminium coatings deposited by vacuum evaporation and magnetron sputtering

Journal of Microscopy, Vol. 237 (2010), pp. 475–480

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Thermal stability of model Al–Li alloys after severe plastic deformation—Effect of the solute Li atoms

Materials Science and Engineering A, Vol. 527 (2010), pp. 4716-4722

P.Prusko, B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mızera

Microstructure and Texture Development in Ag-Cu Alloys Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation

Archives of Metallurgy and Materials Vol. 53 (2008), pp. 199-206

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

“Influence of precipitations on the microstructure formation in 6xxx alloy subjected to hydrostatic extrusion”

ATB – Metallurgie, Vol 45 no.1-4 (2006), pp. 615-618

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, M.Lewandowska, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Mechanical Properties of Ultra-Fine Grained Al-Li Alloys

Materials Science Forum, Vol 513, pp.25-35, (2006)

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Texture Development in Model Al-Li Alloy Subjected to Severe Plastic Deformation

Solid State Phenomena, Vol. 114, pp.337-342,(2006)

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, M.Lewandowska, J.Mızera, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Mechanical Properties of Ultra-fine Grained Structure Formed in Al-Li Alloys

Inżynieria Materiałowa, Nr 3 (140), 205-208 (2004)

B.Adamczyk-Cie┼Ťlak, J.Mizera, M.Lewandowska, K.J.Kurzyd┼éowski

Microstructure Evaluation in Al-Li Alloy Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation

Reviews on Advanced Materials Science Vol.8, pp.107-110, (2004)

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