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R.Sitek, J.Kaminski, M.Spychalski, H.Garbacz, W.Pachla, K.J.Kurzydlowski

Hydrostatic Extrusion and Nano-Hardness of Nanocrystalline Grade 2 Titanium

Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, Volume 15, Number 7, July 2015, pp. 4992-4998(7)

T.Onyszczuk, M.Zwolińska, M.Mazurkiewicz, J.Marczak, A.Sarzyński, H.Garbacz

Corrosion Resistance Of Copper Sheet After Laser Treatment

Solid State Phenomena, 227 (2015), 167-170

J.Kacprzyńska-Gołacka, K.Rydzewska, A.Mazurkiewicz, J.Kusiński, H.Garbacz, P.Wieciński, J.Smolik

The influence of thickness of particular layers in the AlCrTiV multilayer coating for properties of the composite “nitride layer + AlCrTiN

Solid State Phenomena, 223 (2015) pp 127-136

J.Pura, P.Kwaśniak, P.Wieciński, H.Garbacz, J.Zdunek, Z.Laskowski, M.Gierej

Investigation of the degradation mechanism of platinum-rhodium catalytic wires during oxidation of ammonia process

Solid State Phenomena Vol. 227 (2015) 229-232

P.Kwaśniak, J.Pura, M.Zwolińska, P.Wieciński, L.Olszewski, J.Marczak, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Laser and chemical surface modifications of Titanium grade 2 for medical application

Applied Surface Science, DOI:10.1016/j.apsusc.2014.11.178

M.Zwolińska, A.Sotniczuk, K.Topolski, A.Królikowski, H.Garbacz

The influence of deformation the corrosion resistance of Titanium Grade2

Solid State Phenomena, 2015, DOI: 10.1007/s10008-014-2386-2

P.Kwaśniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Clustering of O–X, X = (Ag, Al, Ga, Sn, Sc, Zn, Zr) point defects in hexagonal Ti: Formation mechanism and ductility variations

Materials Chemistry and Physics 154 (2015) 137–143

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Thermal stability and corrosion resistance of Cr/CrN multilayer coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy

Solid State Phenomena, 237 (2015) 47-53

J.Smolik, A.Mazurkiewicz, Z.Słomka, J.Bujak, J.Kacprzyńska-Gołacka, H.Garbacz, P.Wieciński

Nanomultilayer coatings on vanadium nitride

Solid State Phenomena, 237 (2015) 15-20

A.Mazurkiewicz, J.Smolik, D.Paćko, J.Kacprzyńska-Gołacka, H.Garbacz, P.Wieciński

The study on erosive and abrasive wear resistance of different multilayer coatings obtained on titanium alloy Ti6Al4V

Solid State Phenomena, 237 (2015) 9-14

P.Kwaśniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Influence of oxygen content on the mechanical properties of hexagonal Ti—First principles calculations

Materials Science and Engineering: A 590 (2014) 74-79

P.Kwaśniak, P.Śpiewak, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Plasticity of hexagonal systems: Split slip modes and inverse Peierls relation in α-Ti

Physical Review B 89 (2014) 144105

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski,

Failure and deformation mechanisms during indentation in nanostructured Cr/CrN mulitilayer coatings

Surface and Coatings Technology, 240 (2014) 23-31

M.Zwolińska, K.Załęgowski, A.Roguska, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Anodic polarization of nanocrystalline titanium

Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 18, Issue 11 (2014) 3091-3097

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski,

Erosion resistance of the nanostructured Cr/CrN multilayer coatings on Ti6Al4V alloy

Vacuum, 107 (2014) 277-283

K.Topolski, P.Wieciński, Z.Szulc, A.Gałka, H.Garbacz

Progress in the characterization of explosively joined Ti/Ni bimetals

Materials and Design, 63 (2014) 479-487

P.Kwasniak, M.Muzyk, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Influence of C, H, N, and O interstitial atoms on deformation mechanism in titanium—First principles calculations of generalized stacking fault energy

Materials Letters 94 (2013) 92

J.Pura, P.Kwaśniak, D.Jakubowska, J.Jaroszewicz, J.Zdunek, H.Garbacz, J.Mizera, M.Gierej, Z.Laskowski

Investigation of degradation mechanism of palladium–nickel wires during oxidation of ammonia

Catalysis Today vol. 208 (2013), 48-55

K.Topolski, W.Pachla, H.Garbacz

Progress in hydrostatic extrusion of titanium

Journal of Materials Science 48 (2013), 4543-4548

R.Sitek, C.Krajewski, J.Kamiński, M.Spychalski, H.Garbacz, W.Pachla, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Microstructure and properties of ultrafine grain nickel 200 after hydrostatic extrusion processes

Materials Science-Poland, 30(3), 2012, pp. 282-289

K.Topolski, P.Wieciński, H.Garbacz, W.Pachla, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Titanium Fabricated by Hydrostatic Extrusion

Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 57 (2012) 863 - 867

M.Sozańska, H.Garbacz

Positive hydrogen effect in structure surface layers on Ti alloy

Solid State Phenomena, 186 (2012) 263-266

K.Topolski, H.Garbacz, W.Pachla, K.J.Kurzydłowski:

Homogeneity of Bulk Nanostructured Titanium Obtained by Hydrostatic Extrusion

Materials Science Forum vol. 674 (2011) p.47-51.

P.Wieciński, J.Smolik, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Microstructure and mechanical properties of nanostructure multilayer CrN/Cr coatings on titanium alloy

Thin Solid Films, 519 (2011), 4069-4073

H.Garbacz, E.Fortuna-Zaleśna, J.Marczak, A.Koss, A.Zatorska, G.Z.Żukowska, T.Onyszczuk, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Effect of the laser treatment on the surface of copper alloys

Applied Surface Science 257 (2011), 7369-7374

H.Garbacz, J.Mizera, Z.Laskowski, M.Gierej

Microstructure analysis of a Pt-Rh alloy produced by powder metallurgy and subjected to plastic working

Powder Technology, 208 (2011), 488-490

H.Garbacz, J.M.Pouquet, E.García-Lecina, M.Díaz-Fuentes, P.Wieciński, R.H.Martin, T.Wierzchoń

Microstructure and properties of Ti-Al layers in aggressive environments

Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (2011), 4433-4440

Ch.Spaarschun, B.Wedvik, M.Strzelec, Ł.Ciupiński, H.Garbacz, E.Fortuna-Zaleśna, A.Koss, A.Krzemińska-Maciejko, J.Marczak, J.Mróz, W.Skrzeczanowski, M.Stachurska, A.Zatorska

New research on laser cleaning artworks made of metal

Meddelelser Om Konservering 1 (2011), 3-12

Ł.Ciupiński, T.Onyszczuk, H.Garbacz, J.Marczak, A.Koss, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Metody Inżynierii Materiałowej W Diagnostyce Czyszczenia Laserowego Metalowych Dzieł Sztuki

Inżynieria Materiałowa 3 (2011), 142-151

C.Krajewski, R.Sitek, E.Ura-Bińczyk, W.Pachla, H.Matysiak, H.Garbacz, K.J.Kurzydłowski

Wpływ rozdrobnienia ziarna na odporność korozyjną niklu 200

Ochrona przed Korozją vol. 54, nr 6 (2011), 298-300

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