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FLAME Project


On March 2010 new international project started at WUT FMSE.

FLAME is the new project involving 11 Central European regions from 8 European countries for supporting the material sciences actors in exploiting their research and commercial potentials. Materials sciences and engineering (MS&E) are significant innovation drivers within the Central European area and thus crucial for competitiveness and economic growth.

However, in all participating regions companies, especially SMEs, are facing the barriers when working together across national borders and also lack of market transparency regarding active players in the broad field of materials science.

Within the FLAME project the partners will experiment innovative co-operation modules that facilitate the information flows and interactions among the regions. Their aim is to unlock the full potential of all types of enterprises ranging from start-ups, spin-offs and high-growth ‘gazelles’ to traditional enterprises, micro-enterprises and family SMEs and enabling them to bring MS&E knowledge and technologies to the market, to internationalize their value & supply chains and thereby improve their growth potential. The project will implement a brand new cooperation model: the Future Lab, that will help to make better use of local and regional potentials, kick-start innovation in the MS&E sector and support regional development.

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