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Bio-implant team receives Luminatus 2015 Prize


Bio-Implant team, headed by prof. Wojciech Święszkowski received Bloomberg BusinesWeek Poland award Luminatus 2015 on April 13th. Congratulations! ... more »

Materials Weekend 2015


Warsaw University of Technology (WUT) in September 2015 will host two major week-long european materials events: E-MRS Fall Meeting 2015 (15-18 Sept 2015) and FEMS EUROMAT 2015 (21-24 Sept 2015) So it was very natural to fill the gap between these two events by Materials Weekend, which will... more »

E-MRS 2015 Fall Meeting


International conference E-MRS 2015 Fall Meeting will be held on 15-18 September at the Warsaw University of Technology. The conference will host 23 parallel scientific symposia, the plenary session and several satellite events. more »

Prof. Kurzydlowski appointed again as Director of National Centre for Research and Development


We would like to congratulate Professor Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, who has been today reappointed by Polish Minister of Science ans Higher Education as a Director of National Centre for Research and Development for next term. The Centre description can be find here: ... more »

Opening Lecture of Academic Year 2014/15 by Prof. Swieszkowski


Prof. Wojciech Swieszkowski will held an Opening Lecture during Academic Year Inauguration.... more »

BioImplant 3rd in Polish Invention 2014 competition


Prof. Wojciech Święszkowski and his team from project won bronze price in Polish Invention 2014 competition. See on Polish TV pages: more »

E-MRS 2014 Fall Meeting


International conference E-MRS 2014 Fall Meeting will be held on 15-19 September at the Warsaw University of Technology. The conference will host 24 parallel scientific symposia, the plenary session and several satellite events. more »

International Conference E-MRS 2013 Fall Meeting


International conference E-MRS 2013 Fall Meeting will be held on 16-20 September at the Warsaw University of Technology. The conference will host 14 parallel scientific symposia, the plenary session and some satellite events. See: more »

Rochus & Beatrice Mummert Fellowship offer


Fellowship offer (document only in Polish): ... more »

Prof. Kurzydlowski appointed as Director of National Centre for Research and Development


We would like to congratulate Professor Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski, who has been today appointed by Polish Minister of Science ans Higher Education as a Director of National Centre for Research and Development for 4 years term. The Centre description can be find here: more »

Materials for radiation sources transport packages


On 01.09.2010 we started new project: Tungsten heavy alloys production for radiation shields, espacially to be used in medicine. The project is financially supported by The National Centre for Research and Development under contract NR15-0052-10/2010 The tungsten heavy alloys... more »

3rd Empa-WUT-NIMS Workshop


3rd Empa-WUT-NIMS Workshop \"New trends in materials design and engineering\" 8-10 September 2010, Duebendorf, Switzerland... more »

FLAME Project


On March 2010 new international project started at WUT FMSE. FLAME is the new project involving 11 Central European regions from 8 European countries for supporting the material sciences actors in exploiting their research and commercial potentials. Materials sciences and engineering (MS&E) are... more »

CO2 Challenges Conference


CO2 Challenges Conference was organized in Cracow, 17-19 September 2010 by Polish Higher Education-Business Forum. ... more »

Justyna Szlagowska-Spychalska received PH.D. title


The thesis was devoted to modelling some aspects of eddy current thickness measurements. Congratulations!!!... more »

Prof. Kurzydlowski has been awarded the title doctor honoris causa of Rzeszow University of Technology


Prof. Krzysztof Kurzydlowski has been awarded the title of doctor honoris causa of Rzeszow University of Technology on Nov 19th, 2009. (fot. M.Misiakiewicz) ... more »

Next member of the Division receives DSc title


On 13.03.2009 member of our Division, Dr. Krzysztof Rożniatowski received DSc degree. Congratulations !!!... more »

Dr. Marek Psoda


Our Dear Friend, Marek Psoda has passed away on Nov 28th. A holy mass will be held Dec 5th at 1pm in St. Florian Church. A graveside service will be held after that on \"Bródno Cementary\". Marek, we will miss you! ... more »

Advanced STEM technologies and materials physics workshop


On 6th November there was organized Advanced STEM technologies and materials physics workshop. In the workshop participated around 90 people from 6 countries. Our task was the exchange of experience in STEM technologies using practical applications and introduction of new EM facilities at the... more »

PhD studies opportunity


There are two open positions for PhD studies within the framework of Polish-Austrian project in academic year 2008/2009. The subjects for coming year are: * Mechanical behaviour and microstructure of ultrafine grained metals * Advanced materials for biological environments-experiments,... more »

New equipment


On 21 Dec 2007 the Wyko NT9300 optical profiler has been launched in our lab. The Wyko NT9300 optical surface profiler offer a quick, easy, and reliable way to make non-contact 3-D measurements of many different... more »

Our members in Polish Society for Stereology authorities


During General Assembly of the Polish Society for Stereology two members of our Division were elected into Society Authorities for 2007-2011 term: Dr. Krzysztof Rożniatowski become a Vice-president for applications in Materials... more »

Artur Rojszczak Award


The call for candidates closes on Jan 31st 2008. The award is for young doctors (PhD granted within last 2 years). The award promotes not strictly scientific achievements, but rather wide horizons and social activities. Additional information is available at: more »



On 25th June 2007 there was organized 4th WPR3 KMM NoE Workshop. There were 40 participants from 10 countries: Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Spain, United Kingdom, France. Slovakia and Ukraine. The host of the meeting was dr Z. Pakieła. Our faculty was also represented by: dr K. Konopka... more »

Fusion Meeting


On 11-12th June there was held Fusion Meeting within the 6th Framework. In this project take part our Division and 7 partners from 5 countries. Our task is the characterization of structures of nanoporous inorganic membranes, which are produced within the project framework. The membranes will be... more »

Diploma for scientific achievement for Dr. Lublińska


During 5th International Conference \"Hydrogen Economy and Hydrogen Treatment of Materials\", held in Donetsk (Ukraine) dr Krystyna Lublińska was awarded Diploma for her \"Excellent scientific achievement in the field of Hydrogen Treatment of Materials\". Congratulations!!!... more »

European Steel Companies-Universities Joint Conference


A very successful event has been organized in Warsaw on 2007-04-26 – 2007-04-27 by Dr. Tomasz Płociński. Additional Info at conference webpage: The objectives of the Conference are to explore the existing problems within the steel industry around the... more »

Chemical Abstracts


Only till 30th of Aprill 2007, we can have an access to articles and abstracts, which normally are not available in the Elsevier Data Base. F.e. there is possible to read full text articles form Acta Crystallographica and many others. Below you can find the link to the appropriate client... more »

Xth FIAT Awards


7th March 2007 Small Hall at the main building of Warsaw University of Technology hosted the laureates of Xth FIAT Awards for the best diploma and doctor\'s thesis. Between 6 laureates, two were from our Division: Tomasz Płociński in... more »

Center of Hydrogen Degradation


The center has been created on Dec. 12ve 2006. Additional info available in Polish or directly from Dr. Krystyna Lublinska.... more »

E-MRS 2007 Fall Meeting is coming


E-MRS Fall Meeting is the biggest conference in the field of Materials Science and Materials Engineering in Central Europe, and is being held in Warsaw in September for the sixth time. The E-MRS Fall Meeting has an interdisciplinary character and presents a steadily increasing number of symposia to... more »

MDD membership in EASN network


Since Dec. 2006 we take part in activities of European Aeronautics Science Network, in particular in Research and Technology Area 2: more »

10th Autumn School on Stereology and Image Analysis


10th Autumn School on Stereology and Image Analysis in Zakopane, Poland (2006-10-11–14) has been attended by 6 members of our Division. Dr. Krzysztof Rożniatowski presented review of freeware and shareware programs for Image Analysis.... more »



SOFT 2006 has been organized by members of our division in Warsaw, Poland on 2006.09.11-15. Additional information on more »

2006 E-MRS Fall Meeting


A very successful event has been organized in Warsaw, Poland on 2006-09-04 – 2006-09-08 by dr. Małgorzata Lewandowska. Between the participants were 19 members of our Division.... more »

Our newest SEM is running


Hitachi S5500 - ask Tomasz Płociński about details. See also equipment description. Official openning ceremony - soon.... more »

Doctor title received by member of our Division


Tomasz Wejrzanowski defended his PhD thesis on 24.03.2006. Some photos available here The thesis on modelling of grain growth in polycrystalline... more »

Successful defence of PhD thesis by Robert Sot


Robert Sot defended his PhD thesis on 10.03.2006. The thesis summary Properties of selected aluminides crystalline lattices computed ab initio (in Polish) is available in more »

We are members of BIOMEN network


The agreement between the Warsaw University of Technology and the Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences has been signed at the end of 2005. The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering became a member of Polish Network for Biomedical Engineering called... more »

Next member of the Division receives PhD title


Tomasz Płociński gained today his PhD title. The thesis adressed hot-dip zinc galvanizing process Congratulations and All the best !!! Finale defence of dissertation “Effect of elements geometry in hot-dip zinc galvanizing on layers formation&... more »

Prof. Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski - Vice-minister of Education and Science


On 23rd Nov 2005 Head of our Division, Prof. Krzysztof J. Kurzydłowski has been nominated Undersecretary of State in Ministry of Education and Science by Polish Prime Minister, Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz. Congratulations and... more »

ITER – an opportunity for Polish industry


16th November 2005: InfoDay \"ITER – an opportunity for Polish industry\" has been organized by our Faculty and Institute of Plasma Physics and Laser Microsynthesis. The InfoDay working language was Polish, so additional details (including .pdf presentation files) are given only on... more »

e-mail via WWW


For those with e-mail account at our tytan server ... You can check your e-mail via WWW Web site! New SquirrelMail was installed - commonly used server for e-mail sharing via http protocol. Now it is possible to check your e-mail on ‘tytan’ server in more »

9th Autumn School of Stereology and Image Analysis


A very successful event organized in Zakopane, Poland 2005-10-12 – 2005-10-15. 10 members of the Division participated in the Shool, sharing time between sessions and social events.... more »

Our 12-processor cluster running


September 15th, 2005 started our cluster (12 CPU AMD Opteron 248 2.2 GHz, 24 GB RAM). The main fields of application of this machine include Density Functional Theory and Finite Element Methods. Additional info: Contact person: Marek Muzyk http://www... more »

EMRS Fall Meeting commenced


A very successful event, EMRS Fall Meeting took place in Warsaw 2005-09-05 – 2005-09-09. The conference has been co-organized by members of our Division Prof. Krzysztof Kurzydlowski, Dr. Halina Garbacz, Dr. Małgorzata Lewandowska, Dr. Lukasz Ciupinski and others. More than 600 participants... more »

9th European Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis


This very successful event (9th European Congress for Stereology and Image Analysis) has been organized in Zakopane on 2005-05-10–13. A member of our Division, Dr. Krzysztof Rożniatowski was in the organizing committee. The Poster... more »

Through Hephaestus Eyes


Students from the Research Board have organized presentation of microstructures in the Main Building of the University. Part of presented pictures came from the collection of Dr. Krzysztof Rozniatowski. It is worth mentioning, that the... more »

Prize for Popularisator of Science - 2004 awarded


The main prize in the \"Popularisator of Science - 2004\" went to biologist, prof. Magdalena Fikus and journalists team from \"Science Section\" of \"Gazeta Wyborcza\". The competition has been organised by Ministry of Science and Polish Press Agency. Prof. Krzysztof Kurzydłowski, the Chairman... more »

Cooperation agreement with EMPA signed


The Cooperation agreement on \'Establishment and Management of an International PhD School for High Performance Materials Aimed at Sustainable and Environmentally Compatible Applications\' between Warsaw University of Technology and EMPA - Swiss... more »

EURATOM seminar at IFPiLM


Dr. Andrzej Gałkowski, DSc, will present European programme for thermonuclear fussion studies. The seminar will start at 1pm on April 14th at IFPiLM building. Additional info at: ... more »

Cooperation with Medical University of Warsaw


On the April 1st the cooperation agreement between Medical University Division of Biophysics and Human Physiology and our Faculty has been signed.... more »

Cooperation agreement with Japaneese NIMS signed


The Cooperation agreement between Warsaw University of Technology and The National Institute for Materials Science, or NIMS has been signed in the Polish Embassy in Tokyo on March 29th 2005. more »

Conference ...


Conference "S&T Policy of European Union - a chance for new member countries", 4th Feb. Warsaw. Pictured: Janez Potocnik and Krzysztof Jan Kurzydłowski at presidential table. Additional pictures at PFSL pages... more »

An interesting seminar ...


... by Prof. Dr. Graeme John Oliver from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Cape Town, South Africa will be held Mar. 22nd, 3.00pm in room 215 WIM (Wołoska 141). Te seminar will be devoted to: DEVELOPING DEDICATED FINITE ELEMENT SOFTWARE FOR HEAT TREATMENT WITH MOVING HEAT SOURCES... more »

Workshop on risk analysis in application to industrial installations


Very successful Workshop on risk analysis in application to industrial installations took place 2005-02-09. Dr Małgorzata Suś-Ryszkowska made available some of presentations from this workshop (in Polish) on more »

Next member of the Division receives MSc title


Rafał Molak gained today his MSc and Engineer titles. Thesis subject was: "Microstructure and properties aluminum deformed by ECAP". Congratulations and All the best !!!... more »

Dr Jarosław Mizera appointed on Professor position


On Jan 26th Warsaw University of Techology Senate has appointed a member of our Division, Dr. Jarosław Mizera for a Professor position. Our congratulations ! ... more »

Interesting lectures ...


of Prof. Daniel Wagner from Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) will be held Thu, 27th Jan 2005, 10.00-12.00, in room 305 IM. MECHANICS AT A SMALLER SCALE: FROM CARBON NANOTUBES TO BONE and HOW DO FIBROUS MATERIALS FAIL? see summaries below: more »

Seminar ...


... Mr. Tomasz PŁOCIŃSKI, PhD student of our Division will present: "The influence of details geometry on creation of layers in singular hot zinc covering" on 21st Jan. 2005, 13:15 in room 305 IM ... more »

Micrography competition


Scientific micrography competition is organized by: "Science Issues" Magazine of State Committee for Scientific Research, Olympus Poland Ltd., and Earth Museum of Polish Academy of Sciences. The competition is open for all scientific photographic pictures obtained with optical microscopy... more »

Students from the Research Board invite ...


... for the lecture of Tomasz Szymborski (student of 5th year of our Faculty) on Carbon Nanopipes. The lecture (in Polish) will be held Jan 13th, 4.15pm room 315.... more »

Plasma-Wall Interaction Experts met in Jülich


The interaction of a fusion plasma with the surrounding walls is a key issue on the way towards a fusion power plant. The subject, increasingly in the focus of European fusion research, is of utmost importance for ITER. Experts in the field of plasma-wall interaction met at Research Centre Jülich ... more »


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New publications

Phase imaging quality improvement by modification of AFM probes’ cantilever
16 August 2017

J.Rebis, J.Frydrych, J.Skibinski, K.Rozniatowski
Cheap nano-clay additive as a lubricating enhancer
Journal of Power Technologies; Vol 97, No 2 (2017), p: 103--109

B.Wysocki, P.Maj, R.Sitek, J.Buhagiar, KJ.Kurzydłowski, W.Święszkowski
Laser and Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing Methods of Fabricating Titanium Bone Implants
Appl. Sci. 2017, 7, 657

A.Dobkowska, R.Sitek, K.Zaba, J.Mizera
The role of thermal imaging camera in the identification of defects of multilayer ceramic molds
Plasma Apllication and Hybrid Functionally Materials 26 (2017) 79-80

R.Sitek, M.K. Koralnik, J.Mizera
Thermo-visual camera used for the evaluation of the drying time in the production of casting dies
Plasma Apllication and Hybrid Functionally Materials 26 (2017) 45-46

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