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Microlab 350 High Resolution Scanning Auger

Main equipment


Microlab 350 from Thermo Electron is a high resolution, Auger system. Optionally, it is capable of multi-technique analysis and may be fitted with a range of preparation facilities.

Its key features are:

  • Spatial resolution (7 nm SEM-Scanning Electron Microscopy, 12nm SAM-Scanning Auger Microscopy)
  • High sensitivity tunable (RR 2.8 – 40)
  • User selectable energy resolution 0.6% - 0.06%
  • Multi-technique capability (AES-Auger Electron Spectroscopy, XPS-X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy).

Microlab 350 is a high-performance scanning Auger instrument using field emission technology to provide high spatial resolution. The spherical sector analyzer (SSA), used on Microlab 350, allows the analysts to select the best combination of energy resolution and sensitivity for each analysis, in common with most other spectroscopic techniques. Microlab 350 additionally is equipment with:
  • X-ray gun (twin anode source: AlKα, MgKα) for XPS measurements (spatial distribution: average value from all sample surface area);
  • ion gun for sputter etching, usually ion gun is used for depth profiling, sample cleaning and charge compensation.
This instrument is particularly useful to investigate small surface features, thin layers, impurities in materials as well as to determine their chemical (elemental) composition and chemical state of their components.

Contact Name:  Dr. Marcin Pisarek

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