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Eddy Current Test Instrument MIZ 27 SI

Main equipment


The versatile instrument MIZ-27SI with RFT option combines three eddy current technologies: multiplexed-frequency, simultaneous injection of multiple frequencies, and Remote Field Testing (RFT) with an optional external module. One test system can now test both ferromagnetic and non-ferromagnetic heat exchanger tubing. MIZ 27 SI is fully equipped with two analog boards, 16 channels at frequency ranges of 10 Hz to 10 MHz. High digital sampling rates allow you to inspect more heat exchanger tubing at higher speeds—greatly reducing time and cost. With multiple frequencies you can inspect materials for multiple types of flaws in a single pass. Unequalled signal-to-noise ratio improves data quality for higher test confidence. Operator-adjustable up to 10,000 samples/second at four frequencies

Contact Name:  Dr. Dominik Kukla

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