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Transmission Electron Microscopes: (HRTEM) JEOL JEM 3010, (STEM) JEOL JEM 1200 EX, (TEM) Philips EM 300

Main equipment


Materials characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy

Equipment available at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology offers a wide spectrum of the TEM investigations. Quality of the machines and workers’ long experience allows characterization of the materials microstructure at the sophisticated level including dislocation network, precipitates and chemical elements distribution and phase identification. The microstructure investigations on the atomic level by high resolution TEM is also possible. In order to attempt a full understanding of the materials behavior the in situ TEM heating, cooling and straining experiments is possible to apply using available equipment. The TEM specimens might be prepared by electro polishing - in case of conductive materials, and ion polishing - in a case of nonconductive materials and composites. More on sample preparation and on speciment preparation lab equipment can be found here.

Formally, within the Faculty structure, the devices are located in the Materials Science Basics Division, but as they are extensively used by Materials Design Group members, we have listed them here.

Details of the materials characterization offered by TEM:

  • Dislocation structure investigation describing character of plastic deformation
  • Description of precipitates morphology
  • Phase identification based on electron diffraction patterns
  • Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS) of the chemical composition in a volume of singular tens of nanometers as well as chemical elements distribution investigation
  • High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy (HRTEM)
  • In situ TEM experiments by heating (up to 1000┬░C), cooling (up to -175┬░C) and straining

Machines and equipment


High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscope (HRTEM) JEOL JEM 3010 (300 kV, resolution 0.19 nm), equipped with EDS (ISIS by Oxford Instruments Ltd.) for chemical analysis in nano-volumes and a possibility of CBED (Converged Beam Electron Diffraction), and advanced image analysis systems equipped with specialized software for micro- and nano-structure analysis


Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) JEOL JEM 1200 EX equipped with Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) made by ThermoNORAN allows chemical composition analysis in volumes of tens of nano-meters and chemical elements distributions characterization in chosen areas or along lines.

TEM Philips EM 300

Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Philips EM 300 equipped with ± 60┬░ goniometer and quick exchange specimen holder, double tilt holder, rotation holder, surface diffraction holder, heating holder (1000┬░), cooling holder (-175┬░C), straining holder. Video recording system with TV camera made by Getan

Contact Name:  Dr. Witold Zieli┼äski

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