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Main equipment

Scanning Electron Microscope HITACHI S5500 is powerful tool for investigations of materials microstructure in nanoscale. Microscope has special column design, which minimize influence of lenses imperfection on the electron beam. In this microscope we can observe simultaneously the specimen in... more »

FIB Focused Ion Beam

Main equipment

Focused Ion beam instrument type FB2100 made by Hitachi, it is very modern tool for preparation samples and investigations of materials microstructure, which are difficult for preparation traditional techiques. On this unit, composite materials like diamond particles in metallic matrix, thin layers,... more »

Scanning electron microscope HITACHI S-3500N

Main equipment

Scanning electron microscope HITACHI S-3500N equipped with secondary and backscatter detectors as well as Robinson detector. The microscope is able to work at variable pressure conditions of vacuum (ability of non-conductive materials analysis). Features High resolution imaging in both... more »

Optical Surface Profiler Wyko NT9300

Main equipment

The Wyko NT9300 optical surface profiler offer a quick, easy, and reliable way to make non-contact 3-D measurements of many different surface and samples with sub-nanometer resolution. Wyko NT9300 optical profiling system consists of key components that work together to provide detailed information... more »

Scanning Electron Microscope TM1000

Main equipment

... more »

Scanning Probe Microscope MultiMode AFM V

Main equipment

Scanning Probe Microscope MultiMode AFM V with Active vibration isolation table Modes: CM - contact mode (including in fluids operation); LFM - lateral force microscopy; TM - tapping mode AFM; HSTM - high speed tapping mode AFM; PI - phase imaging; TR - torsion... more »

Transmission Electron Microscopes: (HRTEM) JEOL JEM 3010, (STEM) JEOL JEM 1200 EX, (TEM) Philips EM 300

Main equipment

Materials characterization by Transmission Electron Microscopy Equipment available at the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology offers a wide spectrum of the TEM investigations. Quality of the machines and workers’ long experience allows... more »

X-ray Diffractometer D8 DISCOVER Series 2 by Bruker AXS

Main equipment

The D8 DISCOVER Series 2 is a state of the art X-ray Diffractometer system that is easy to use, highly accurate, and versatile to meet all needs in X-ray diffraction. The heart of the D8 DISCOVER Series 2 is the high-precision, two-circle goniometr with independent stepper motors and optical... more »

X-ray diffractometer PHILIPS PW 1830 equipped with attachment for thin film analysis

Main equipment

- qualitative phase analysis - ICDD search/match program, - quantitative phase analysis – our own Excel-type sheets, - microstresses and grain size analysis – DHN fitting plus our own Excel-type sheets - lattice parameters – DHN program, - ... more »

Dynamic testing machine MTS 810

Main equipment

Dynamic testing machine MTS 810 Material Testing System (Tmax=1400oC, Fmax=100 kN) equipped with the professional computer programs for fatigue testing and crack resistance testing Versatile, multipurpose servo hydraulic testing system for static and dynamic tests: - Fatigue life studies ... more »

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